Tommy Smith


1981JazzSky Trane
1981JazzBoring Up to Here
1982JazzChocolate Beans
1982JazzNebuloso 166
1982JazzSteps & Ladders
1983JazzEgg Plant
1983JazzMeat Bag
1983JazzThe Fourth Quadrant
1984JazzJazz Works
1984JazzTrane-ing For Life
1984JazzWild Play
1984JazzVenturing Into The Unknown
1984JazzBeautiful, My Friend
1984JazzLonely People
1984JazzAfter Sex Comes Seven
1984JazzWinny The Pooh!
1984JazzLittle Flower
1984JazzQuiet Portraits
1984JazzGreatfruit Juice
1984JazzThe Nats At Nargate Street
1986JazzAlly The Wallygator
1986JazzSlip Of The Tongue
1986JazzFoggy Windows
1986JazzYou Without A Smile
1986JazzToo Easy To Believe
1986JazzBoats & Boxes
1986JazzMoving Forward
1986JazzNaked Air
1986JazzStep By Step
1986JazzH & J
1986JazzThe Last Clown
1986JazzBiting At The Apple
1986JazzCheap Money
1986JazzSweet Suite
1986JazzScottish Breakfast
1987JazzAffairs, Please
1987JazzTime Piece
1987JazzWill'o The Wisp
1987JazzNo, Thanks
1987JazzPillow Talk
1987JazzQuiet Picnic
1987JazzSudden Notion
1987JazzLove At First
1987JazzThe Painted Word
1988JazzKey To The DoorWork for Chamber Group & Jazz Ensemble
1988JazzEver Never Land
1988JazzBlack Jack
1988JazzThe New Road
1988JazzLosing Sleep Over You
1988JazzFree Time
1988JazzInterval Time
1988JazzPeeping Tom
1988JazzJazz TypesTheme Tune for BBC TV Jazz Show
1988JazzSimple Pleasures
1988JazzMerry Go Round
1989JazzTime For Love
1989JazzDankworth & The Eighth DwarfsWork for 8 Saxophones & Rhythm Section
1989JazzDream Scapes
1989JazzPaper House
1989JazzWhy Not
1989JazzSecond Nature
1989JazzInner Space
1990JazzDream Scapes
1990JazzPaper House
1990JazzWhy Not
1990JazzSecond Nature
1990JazzInner Space
1990ClassicalUnirsi In MatrimonioI. Segui Il tuo Cuore - Largo-Andante-Largo-Adagio
II. Ballando In Un Campo Di Rose - Scherzo
III. I Bambini Intorno Alle Sue Ginocchia - Allegro con brio-Moderato
IV. Matrimonio Per Tre - Prestissimo-Largrimoso-Cantabile-Prestissimo
V. E scesa La Notte; Finalmente Pace - Largo sospirando-Largamente patimento
Concerto No. 1 for Tenor Saxophone and String Orchestra25 minsScottish Ensemble
1990ClassicalUnirsi In MatrimonioII. Ballando In Un Campo Di Rose - Scherzo
III. I Bambini Intorno Alle Sue Ginocchia - Allegro con brio-Moderato
IV. Matrimonio Per Tre - Prestissimo-Largrimoso-Cantabile-Prestissimo
V. E scesa La Notte; Finalmente Pace - Largo sospirando-Largamente patimento
1991JazzDuffle Coat
1991JazzTraquair Suite
1991JazzBlacken & Blue
1991JazzAnimal Welfare
1991JazzChildren Play
1991JazzSilent But Deadly
1991JazzTick Tock
1991JazzQueen Street Garden BBC
1991JazzArtistic Views
1991ClassicalAn Eccossais A ParisI. Marchant Dans Les Rues - Tres modere
II. Vision De Memoire - Allegro
III. Rencontre Passionee-La Belle Et La Bete - Adagio-tres douleur
IV. Bruits Parfumes-Barriere De La Langue - Tres modere-Emphatique Francaise
V. Faim D'Obscurite-Manque De Sommeil - Andante
VI. Eternal Amour-Le Bonheur Uni - Tres lent
VII. Voyage A La Recherche Du Haggis - Tres Anime
Suite For Tenor Saxophone & String Orchestra18 minsScottish Ensemble
1992JazzThe Traveller
1992Jazz'Paris' Sextet Suite:I. Dance Of The Penguins
II. Day Light
III. Tear
IV. Lost
V. Reflections
VI. Occidentalisim
VII. True Sobriety
VIII. Ideology
IX. Fragments
X. Birth
I. Phraseology
XII. Dischord
XIII. Ping Pong
1992ClassicalLes Nouveaux JeunesI. Lento
II. Calme
III. Allegro vivace
IV. Adagio
V. Allegro moderato
VI. Modere-Valse
VII. Tres anime et extrement egal
VIII. Andante-Allegretto molto agitato
IX. Grave
X. Scherzando
XI. Promenade du Cameleon
XII. Dallage irregulier
12 Sketches for Saxophone & Piano20 minsThe Scottish Arts Council
1993JazzTributeI. The Maze
II. Bed Of Stone
III. The Return Of The Swallow
IV. The Heavenly Stones
V. Nude In A Fountain
VI. On The Ocean Floor
VII. Dragons & Puffins
VIII. Mozart's Cat Pussini
IX. Scratch My Nose
X. Of Skunk And Men
XI. The Good Thief
XII. Crossing The Border
XIII. The Adventure Of The Chordless Band
Work for chordless Quartet (inspired by the poetry of Valerie Gillies, Norman MacCaig, Hugh MacDiarmid, Maurice Lindsay, Tom Leonard, Norman MacCaig
1993JazzScotland's WinterI. The Labyrinth
II. Scotland's Winter
III. After The Warming
IV. Swing That Thing
V. Gulf Stream
VI. Bounce Upon A Thought
VII. Rambo Mambo
Suite for Jazz Orchestra
1993JazzOld Times
1993ClassicalHall Of MirrorsI. Mirror Talk - Largo con moto-Andante-Marcato moderato-Ad libtum-Largo
II. Image - Prestissimo-Allegro strepitoso-Prestissimo
III. The Looking Glass - Andantino dolce-Allegretto alla marcia-andantino Tranquillo
IV. Speculum - Vivace
Sonata No. 1 for Piano & Tenor25 minsGlasgow International Jazz Festival
1994JazzFalling In
1994JazzMisty Morning & No Time - Sextet Suite No. 2I. Intrusion
II. Estuary
III. Incident
IV. Memorial
V. The Root of It
VI. You Went Away
VII. Dipper
VIII. Rag & Bone
IX. Sounds of the Day
X. Country Dance
XI. Misty Morning & No Time
XII. Day Break
XIII. Two Friends
XIV. Trapped
inspired by the poetry of Norman MacCaig
1994ClassicalMarineSaxophones, Mezzo Soprano, Piano, Percussion & Cello5 minsChamber Group of Scotland
1995JazzAzure - Suite for Chordless QuartetI. The Gold of the Azure
II. Escape Ladder
III. Siesta
IV. The Smile of Flamboyant Wings
V. Vowel Song
VI. Constellation: the morning star
VII. The Calculation
VIII. Dancer
XI. Dialogue of Insects
X. Blue I, II, III
inspired by the art of Joan Miro
1995JazzAn Tobarinspired by the poetry of Derick Thomson
1995ClassicalDreaming With Open Eyes - Sonata No. 2 for Piano & Tenor SaxophoneI. Call of the Shaman
II. The Promise and the Search
III. A Heap of Broken Images?
IV. Journeys Home, Destination Unknown
inspired by the literature of Mike Tucker
1996JazzBeasts of ScotlandI. Golden Eagle
II. Salmon
III. Midge
IV. Wolf
V. Red Deer
VI. Gannet
VII. Conger Eel
VIII. Spider
IX. Seal
X. Wildcat
inspired by the poetry of Edwin MorganGlasgow International Jazz Festival
1997JazzPlanet Wave - Part 1I. In The Beginning
II. The Early Earth
III. End Of The Dinosaurs
IV. In The Cave
V. The Great Flood
VI. The Great Pyramids
VII. On The Volga
VIII. The Mongols
IX. Magellan
X. Copernicus
inspired by the poetry of Edwin Morgan90 minsCommisioned by the Arts Foundation
1998JazzKill The Old Torture Their YoungTheatre MusicTraverse Theatre
1998JazzMonte CristoI. The Dungeon
II. Mercedes
III. The Abbe
IV. The Plot
V. Father & Son
VI. Monte Cristo
VII. Four Men
VIII. The Puppet Master
IX. The Revenge
inspired by the poetry of Edwin Morgan90 minsParagon Ensemble
1998ClassicalSong For A Cityinspired by the poetry of Edwin Morgan3 minsGlasgow City Council
1998ClassicalHiroshimaI. The Morning
II. The Bombing
III. The Aftermath
3rd Concerto for Orchestra & Saxophone20 minsOrchestra Of St' John Smith's Square
1999JazzThe Blues Blew Blue
1999JazzHubba Hubba
1999JazzTouch Your Toes
1999JazzEl Nino
1999JazzRain Dance
1999JazzDr. Smith
1999JazzDr. Sco
1999JazzEany Mean Miny Mo
1999JazzThere's a Blues Loose aboot this Hoose
1999JazzTombs of the KingsBig BandScottish National Jazz Orchestra
2000JazzThe Millennian Suiteinspired by the poetry of Edwin Morgan10 minsDame Cleo Laine & John Dankworth
2000JazzTorahI. Genesis - Primordial History
II. Exodus - Journey Through The Wilderness
III. Leviticus - Ritual
IV. Numbers - Settlement
V. Deuteronomy - The Three Discourses of Moses
Written for Joe Lovano50 minsScottish National Jazz Orchestra
2000JazzThe Sons and Daughters of AlbaI. The Glen Of Tranquillity
II. Madeleine Smith
III. Mary Queen Of Scots
IV. St Tenew
V. St Columba
VI. John Muir
VII. Robert Burns
VIII. Burke & Hare
IX. Finella
X Janet Horn
XI. Helen Adam
XII. John Knox
XIII. Jenny Geddes
XIV. William Wallace
inspired by the poetry of Edwin Morgan90 minsGlasgow International Jazz Festival
2000JazzWhen I'm All Alone
2001JazzAlpine Rhapsody20 minsSwiss Youth Jazz Orchestra
2001JazzBeauty & The BeastWritten for David Liebman50 minsScottish National Jazz Orchestra
2001JazzLondon To Edinburghinspired by the poetry of Norman MacCaig15 minsScottish National Jazz Orchestra
2001JazzWhen I'm All Alone
2001JazzThe Scream
2001JazzUrsa Minor
2001JazzAlpha Centauri
2001JazzThe Christmas ConcertWinter WonderlandArranged for Jazz Quartet
2001JazzThe Christmas ConcertGod Rest, Ye Merry GentlemenArranged for Jazz Quartet
2001JazzThe Christmas ConcertSilent NightArranged for Jazz Quartet
2001JazzThe Christmas ConcertAuld Land SyneArranged for Jazz Quartet
2001JazzThe Christmas ConcertI'll Be Home For ChristmasArranged for Jazz Quartet
2001JazzThe Christmas ConcertThe Holy & The IvyArranged for Jazz Quartet
2001JazzThe Christmas ConcertHave Yourself A Merry ChristmasArranged for Jazz Quartet
2001JazzThe Christmas ConcertWe Three KingsArranged for Jazz Quartet
2001JazzThe Christmas ConcertThe Christmas SongArranged for Jazz Quartet
2001ClassicalChick Corea's Children's SongsArranged for Saxophone and Strings60 minsScottish Ensemble
2002JazzAlone At LastFor Solo Saxophone and Technology:
2002JazzInto Silence
2002JazzTwin Towers
2002JazzRobert Burns
2002JazzIn the Cave
2002Jazzin The Begining
2002JazzLoch Ness Monster Song
2002JazzRing Of Brodgar
2002JazzJazz Hop
2002JazzFrom The Video Box
2002ClassicalEdinburgh4th Concerto for Orchestra & Saxophone19 minsEdinburgh Youth Orchesra
2003JazzPlanet Wave - Part 2inspired by the poetry of Edwin Morgan
2003JazzEaster Island
2003JazzLisbon Earthquake
2003JazzSiege Of Leningrad
2003JazzSputnik's Tale
2003JazzOn The Way To Barnard's Star
2003JazzDarwin In The Galapagos
2004JazzRound MidnightArranged for Big Band8 minsScottish National Jazz Orchestra
2004JazzSpirit of the Fallen Angel
2004JazzTree of Knowledge
2004JazzWithin the Shadow
2004JazzForbidden Fruit of Fire
2004JazzOne Wish
2005JazzAngel Of The North8 minsTim Garland's Jazz Orchestra
2005JazzChick Corea's Quartet No. 28 minsScottish National Jazz Orchestra
2006JazzRhapsody in Blue53 minsScottish National Jazz Orchestra
2006JazzTorahRevised50 mins
2007JazzThe Father, the Son and the Holy GhostArranged for Big Band10 minsScottish National Jazz Orchestra
2009JazzMolde CanticleArranged for Big Band9 minsScottish National Jazz Orchestra
2010JazzWorld Of The GodsFor Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers & SNJO90 minsScottish National Jazz Orchestra
2010JazzWorld Of The GodsGoddess of Dawn and Reverly
2010JazzWorld Of The GodsGod of the Moon
2010JazzWorld Of The GodsGod of Fire
2010JazzWorld Of The GodsGod of the Wind
2010JazzWorld Of The GodsGod of Storms
2010JazzWorld Of The GodsThe Underworld
2010JazzWorld Of The GodsGod of the Sea
2010JazzWorld Of The GodsGoddess of the Sun
2010JazzWorld Of The GodsGod of War
2010JazzWorld Of The GodsGod of Thunder and Lightning
2010JazzCause and Effect
2010JazzLand of Heroes
2010JazzGood Deed
2010JazzBody or Soul
2010JazzWho Are You?
2011JazzBeauty & The BeastRevised for Bill Evans50 mins
2011JazzDreams Are FreeArranged for Bobby Wellins8 mins