Tommy Smith



Spartacus | 2001

Tommy Smith "Spartacus"featuring Tommy Smith (Tenor Saxophone), Kenny Barron (Piano), James Genus (Bass), Clarence Penn (Drums)

  1. The Peacocks
  2. I Want To Be Happy
  3. Emily
  4. Bye Bye Blackbird
  5. It Never Changed My Mind
  6. The Lady Is A Tramp
  7. When I’m All Alone
  8. Spartacus
  9. I Loves You Porgy


John Fordham (The Guardian) ***** — CD of the WeekThis beautifully recorded acoustic jazz record was made at Clinton Studios in New York City on 27th Spetember 2002. The technique of recording direct to 2-track analogue is used by many jazz musicians as it captures the performance, in the moment, and also adds a natural warm lushish sound to the recording; as you would hear it acoustically. James Farber, New York’s most famous recording engineer, becomes a member of the band as he has to mix in real time, as the music is played.

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2 Responses to “Spartacus”

  1. Frank Noble says:

    I read Fordham’s review at that time, bought the CD Spartacus and agreed with Fordham. I fronted (tenor saxophone) a jazz quartet then and added most of the the tunes to our repertoire. Tommy generously emailed me JPG of the C lead sheets for Spartacus and his arrangement of Lady. I now front a jazz trio with my two grandsons and want to introduce the boys (18 and 14)to Spartacus but no longer have the C lead sheet. Would it be possible please to email me another copy? Frank

  2. Frank Noble says:

    hi Tommy
    Back in the day you were kind enough to email me a JPG copy of the C lead sheet for your original “Spartacus” from the CD of the same name shortly after its release. It waIt was one of my favourites and played it often with my then jazz quartet. Now I play mainly with my grandson who is a fine jazz pianist at 18. I would like to introduce him to Spartacus but no longer have the C lead sheet. Would it be possible for you to email me another copy?

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