Tommy Smith

Miles Ahead

Tommy Smith with the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra "Miles Ahead"width the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra
Belinda Gough (flute & alto flute), Mhairi Milne (clarinet), Michael Huntriss, Allon Beauvoisin (bass clarinet), Allon Beauvoisin (bass clarinet), Laura Macdonald (alto saxophone), Eddie Severn (trumpet), Hedley Benson (trumpet), Tom MacNiven (trumpet), Nigel Boddice (trumpet), Colin Steele (trumpet), Charles Floyd (french horns), Paul Klein (french horns), Chris Greive (trombones), Mark Boyd (trombones), Ronnie MacNiven (trombones), Lorna McDonald (bass trombone), Andy McKreal (tuba), Orlando Le Flemming (bass), John Rae (drums)
and special guest Ingrid Jensen (trumpet & flugelhorn)

Tommy Smith (conductor)

  1. Springsville
  2. The Maids Of Cadiz
  3. The Duke
  4. My Ship
  5. Miles Ahead
  6. Blues For Pablo
  7. New Rhumba
  8. The Meaning Of The Blues
  9. Lament
  10. I Don’t Want To Be Kissed