Tommy Smith

Alone At Last

Tommy Smith "Alone At Last"featuring Tommy Smith (tenor & soprano saxes, synth, samples & percussion), Edwin Morgan (poetry), Kenny Barron (piano), James Genus (bass), Clarence Penn (drums), Groven Myhren (soprano vocal), Steve Hamilton (synth & computers samples), Aidan O’Donnell (bass), John Blease (drums, gongs & pionciana pod)

  1. Ally The Wallygator
  2. Into Silence
  3. Wolf
  4. Mercury
  5. Twin Towers
  6. Robert Burns
  7. Over The Rainbow
  8. In The Cave
  9. Folk Song
  10. In The Beginning
  11. Loch Ness Monster Song
  12. The Ring Of Brodgar
  13. Cumiaichean
  14. Jazz Hop
  15. From The Video Box 25

About the Music

Funky Notes ‘Online Magazine’ — It is courting controversy to state that Smith is best known as leader of the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra and firmly sewn in to a Basie-esqe straitjacket but many a commentator has made that allegation in the past. This album, however, firmly dispels the rumour and portrays the saxophonist as his own man. Much of the content emphasises Smith’s Scottish heritage and background with titles such as Robert Burns and the Loch Ness Monster Song. Indeed, this amazing blend of music and poetry owns much to the Bard. Internationalism is not forsaken, though, with the emotive Twin Towers giving a profound poignancy to the collection. Recorded in New York, Norway and Scotland over a two year period, this album is a true “must” for every thinking jazz collector. We may never see its likes again!